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TWI ASSIST Club (Annual Membership System)

By acting on your behalf and providing various services to overseas assignees and their families, the TWI ASSIST Club provides prompt solutions to the anxieties and troubles you face as a result of living in America. We have opened up a member exclusive hotline staffed by ASSIST’s dedicated consultants and specialists who consult on your every day simple questions to immigration laws and driver’s license. To resolve your anxieties related to living in the U.S. and to lead a comfortable life in America, please consider using TWI ASSIST Club.

Please contact us regarding membership fees and details of our services.


We will answer the following types of questions (partial list)

* How to obtain a California Driver’s License?
* Can you work under your spouse’s visa?
* I would like to apply for a credit card…
* I would like to take out a loan to buy a car
* I do not understand the documents distributed at my child’s school
* I would like to start an activity or take lessons in something
* What are some of the things I should be careful regarding the house when I am away on vacation?
* Where can I take my guests from Japan?
* You can quickly solve problems by calling our exclusive ASSIST phone line that connects you to a Japanese help desk (disclaimer: services to accompany you on business trips or on call services will incur additional fees)
Please ask for our brochure regarding details such as membership fees.

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